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Monday, February 18, 2013

Northern Lights Casino Shuttle - Walker MN

Don't trust this casino's shuttle service.  We were in Walker, MN for the annual Eel Pout Festival and stayed at the Country Inn.  We were told that Northern Lights Casino had a shuttle service.

When I called - the phone rang about a dozen times.  The woman said the shuttle would be there in 8-10 minutes.  We waited in the lobby - and I just happened to look out a window viewing the end of the parking lot and I saw a large white van.  I wondered if it was ours - by the time I went out to check it was gone.

So I called back again about 20 minutes from the first time - phone rang another dozen times.  I explained that the van I saw didn't come to the lobby door - so I don't know if that was the shuttle.  The guy I was talking to thought it probably was - said he'd send the shuttle back.

After about another 10 minutes of waiting - the hotel staff asked if we wanted her to call the casino to see when they were coming.  She was told it would be about 10 minutes.

After a total of 60 minutes wait time we finally decided to forget going to the casino.  Don't rely on them for a ride!

Advantage Car Rental

We booked an Advantage car rental in Las Vegas in Febrary 2013 through  The initial booked price was really reasonable - but of course we upgraded and paid for a tank of gas up front (dumb).  The girl talked me into the gas because we had planned to go to Hoover Dam and she thought we'd go through the tank with the Malibu.  We didn't - we used only about 1/2 tank of gas. So don't get the prepaid unless you're planning to drive a full tank full - and don't trust the counter agent's opinion.

The biggest thing I wanted to blog about is the fact that my husband left his pullover windbreaker in the car with his cellphone in his pocket.  We checked back twice with the return facility within an hour of dropping it off - once I even walked back to the car with the manager - and the windbreaker and phone were long gone.

It could only have been stolen - there is no other explanation.  My husband knows he left it in the car.

I don't recommend using this car rental company.  However does broker some good prices - so I'd still use them.

Where To Eat In Walker Minnesota

Jimmy's Restaurant on 371 - had breakfast there on 2/17/13 and the service was extremely fast, food was good and the price was more than reasonable!

Benson's - we've eaten here several times and it's always good.  The staff is great, the pizza is homemade and very tasty.

Country Inn, Walker MN

Eel Pout Festival in Walker, MN this pas weekend and we stayed at the Country Inn, Walker.  It was reasonably priced, and best of all since we have a new puppy - they take animals.  Cost $30 extra to have a pet - but it was worth it.

If you stay here with a pet - I'd just verify that the size of your dog doesn't cause a problem.  When I checked in, the pet agreement said there were weight and height maximums.  But the hotel clerk said they never turn anyone away.  I'd just hate to get up there and find they changed the policy - as nothing was mentioned when I made the reservation.

They have the same typical hot breakfast that a lot of the chain restuarants do......sausage gravy over biscuits one day, eggs and sausage the next.  Along with cold cereal, oatmeal, etc. every day.

Staff was great too!

The only downside was parking - during Eel Pout Festival there are many trailers - some people have to park on the street.

I'd recommend this as a place to stay.  Note - this is NOT part of the regular Comfort Inn & Suites or Country Inn & Suites - it seems to be totally separate.  Google sometimes has it mixed up and had old information.