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Thursday, September 8, 2016

America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses - NOT RECOMMENDED

I purchased a pair of regular, progressive lens glasses and a pair of sunglasses (also progressive lens) from America's Best.  I am compelled to submit this opinion because I've never had such poor quality glasses!

The lenses on the regular pair scratch very easily.  I was so disappointed and felt sure that there was simply an incidental quality problem with them that I had no qualms about going back to America's
Best and asking for a new pair.  After much back and forth - me being told that I scratched them by washing them incorrectly, and me getting more and more frustrated - the woman who was helping me finally agreed to give me a new pair free of charge.  Honestly, the lenses looked like someone had taken steel wool to them.  At first I thought I was starting to get cataracts.  But one day the glasses were just so bad that I knew it wasn't my eyesight.

The representative told me that the glasses could only be cleaned with water or a cleaning solution and a soft cloth. So for example those microfiber lens cloths that everyone else sells couldn't be used.  Also can't use soap on them.  What??!!  I've worn glasses for literally 55 years - and have never, ever, had this kind of scratching problem.

So I got my new pair - and guess what?  One year later and there are so many scratches and smudges that need soap that I can't stand to wear them. I've been using pre-moistened cloths because I can't stand the smudges.

Adding to this quality problem is the fact that I've had these glasses adjusted 3 times including the when I first picked them up.  I know it's due to the lack of knowledge, experience, training, etc. of the technicians. They were all very pleasant but don't know what they are doing.  The glasses seem to fit while I'm there, but a few days later they don't. They are very ill-fitting, never had this problem either!

I didn't realize that the quality of the lenses could vary like this.  And these are obviously at the bottom of the quality ratings.  Two thumbs down for America's Best (if I had four thumbs I'd add the other two in on this rating!)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Honest Organic Healing Balm

I purchased this sunscreen from Costco and am very disappointed to report that it's the worst hand balm/lotion I've ever used.

It is excessively greasy, but the worst part is that it smells really bad.  It's actually an offensive odor - not just an organic or natural odor.

It takes a long time to soak in, and if you use too much you're in for very greasy hands.

As far as effectiveness - it seemed to work as well as Aquaphor - maybe.  But due to the greasiness and the odor this earns two thumbs down from me!

Honest Sunscreen Lotion

I purchased this sunscreen from Costco and am very disappointed to report that it's the worst sunscreen I've ever used.

It is excessively greasy, but the worst part is that it left yellow rings around my husband's t-shirts.

It doesn't smell very good either.

As far as effectiveness - it seemed to work as well as anything else - but no better.  With the consistency of the lotion and the smell - this earns two thumbs down from me!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Frank's Red Hot Sauce (Original) - Costco

The other day Costco was giving out samples of buffalo chicken dip made with Frank's Red Hot Sauce.  I am not a fan of buffalo sauce as a rule - but one taste of this recipe had me buying the double bottle of hot sauce, the 6 cans of chicken at Costco.

I made the dip yesterday for a party - it was well-received.  I plan to make this a go-to recipe for parties from here on out!

Here's the recipe - whether you like buffalo sauce or not - you'll like this.

And my husband likes to put the sauce on his eggs; now that we have it in the house I'm sure that he'll find more foods to splash it on.   I think I'm going to give it a try too.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Celebrity Cruise - Silhouette Ship

I, along with 7 others went on Celebrity Cruise Line's Silhouette.  The itinerary included Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Haiti - we left from Fort Lauderdale.

We had a great deal that included a drink package - unlimited drinks up to $8 value and/or beers up to $6.  We were very pleased to see that this included quite an array of options in that price range.  The downside is that the bar service wasn't up to par; however, I sent in a comment card to that effect and the bar manager contacted me immediately.  And we noticed a difference right away too.  I just wished I had made the comment earlier in the cruise.

The staterooms are very spacious on this ship as compared to others we've been on (most notably Norwegian).  While we have enjoyed many Norwegian cruises and a couple Carnival, this Celebrity ship far surpasses the room and sophistication of those.  (We've also cruised Royal Caribbean and Princess but it was so long ago it's not fair to make a comparison.)

The buffet food was also above par.  Great selections and great quality. The food in the dining room was excellent - but about the same as other ships.  However the escargot and lobster were the best I've ever had - possibly out of any place on ship or land.

Since we had late dinner seating we didn't end up seeing any shows.  I did frequent the casino every day - it was large with a good variety of slots.  They also had all the table games.

The wait staff in the dining room was excellent, as were our cabin stewards.

The on-ship stores carried high-quality gifts, clothes and accessories.

The photos that were taken in the dining room did not turn out very well - it didn't appear that the photographer had much experience.  In a group picture one person was way off to the side.  In another picture of a couple - one was looking to the side and not at the camera.  Just seems like things the photographer could easily have corrected before clicking.

All in all we had a great time on this cruise - would do it again in a minute.

Time and Again Shea Handcream - Lavender

I received a sample-sized jar of Time and Again hand cream and it's so good I wanted to blog about.  It's pretty thick when you first put it on - but absorbs quickly while still feeling like your hands are moisturized.  Each application lasts a long time.

Lavender is a great scent - subtle but not so subtle you can't smell it.

Twin Pines Resort - Lake MIlle Lacs, MN Ice Fishing

I rented an ice fishing house the weekend of 2/21/14 - 2/23/14 and had a good time.  I was very impressed with the service of the owner Linda, and also the guy who showed us to our house (whose name I didn't catch). They were both very personable and accommodating.

The house we rented was nothing special but had all the necessary amenities:  gas heater, gas stove top (this needed work - it wasn't very safe as it was slanted and pots could fall off), 10 holes, 6 bunks.  The bunks aren't anything special but suffice for sleeping (just don't make any fast flips on the top bunk - they're very narrow.)

At first we couldn't seem to get the house to warm up - but it was because the thermostat was sitting on top of the stove.  So it thought it was warm enough.  Once we realized that and moved it - we were toasty warm even though it was sub-zero outside.

Our grown kids and two grandsons came - at one time there were 8 of us in the fish house - comfortably.

This resort has a restaurant/bar right across the highway from the lake where the fish houses are conveniently located.  The food was excellent - home cooking at a great price. 

Something that we all felt was very impressive were the outhouses on the lake.  The one closest to us had two stalls, was heated very well, and was kept lit all night.  Also very clean.  The only downside is that they are co-ed - so females and males alike may be in for a surprise if they are unaware.

We caught ZERO fish.  Was it the cold?  Or were we in a bad spot?  Or not very skilled at fishing?  Probably some of all of the above.

No matter - I would recommend this to others, and hope I can go again myself!