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Friday, June 15, 2012

2012 Chevy Malibu 2LT - Economical Luxury - Polar Chevrolet, White Bear Lake, MN

Well... now that I've got 6 months under my belt with my brand new baby, I have some insight into the 2012 Chevy Malibu 2LT that we purchased in December 2011.  No, I didn't opt for the fully leather seats and Bose sound system of the LTZ... wanted to, but the pocket book said "no."  In the 2LT, I'm still rocking the heated front seats ("high" for those of us who enjoy fire roasted buns in the winter, and "low" for those who prefer lightly toasted), bluetooth through the vehicle, Onstar, XM radio (well, my subscription has ended and I refuse to pay for what my ipod and radio can give me for free), half leather & faux suede seats (looks sharp!), 120V outlet in the back, roomy front and rear seats, power windows, etc.  Here's what it boils down to...

  • Car payment is very affordable for a brand new car (had 48 miles on it when I drove it off the lot)
  • Heated seats work like a charm
  • Car heats up quickly in low temps
  • Quiet engine
  • Smooth ride
  • Averaging 32 mpg on my 31 mile, one-way commute to and from work (mind you, it took a couple months to break in the car so I could consistently get that mileage - before that I was just shy of 30 mpg most of the time)
  • Bluetooth handsfree calling is probably my favorite feature
  • Onstar is fabulous - I like the turn by turn directions that mute the radio when a new direction is being spoken (this is free for the first 6 months and I'm fully taking advantage!)
  • Incentive discounts
  • Sweet color - Mocha Steel Metallic - it really does turn brown in some lights, and pewter/gray/silver in others.  Hides dirt fairly well :)
  • GM Military program - if you are military, look this up - Polar Chevrolet actually beats the reduced price that GM dealers offer - so you do one better by going to Polar
  • Jeff Foxx - he was our salesman - not pushy, answers my several questions without exasperation, and seems to really work to find the right fit for you - HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM.  Tell him Luke & Desiree sent you.  They have pre-owned vehicles as well.
  • Wish I had known about the 37 mpg eco they came out with shortly after we purchased this vehicle - but likely the price difference would not have been recouped.
  • Seat belt gets temporarily caught on the paneling on the driver side door when trying to put on seat belt - if that's the worst thing so far, I can't really complain.
  • I wish it cleaned itself. :)
As you can see, my likes far outweigh the gripes.  I know a few people who have 2011 or 2012 Malibus and they all LOVE their vehicle.  If my car hadn't died in the middle of December when we then needed to find a car quickly, we may have done more searching for a slightly used vehicle in order to reap the cost savings, but all in all, very affordable for a new car.  For me, it is an economical approach to "luxury".  And the customer service I've been receiving from Polar Chev is second to none.  Plus, it's an American Company and MADE IN THE USA, Baby!!!

Go see Jeff - Here's Polar Chev:

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