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Friday, June 15, 2012

Sherwin-Williams Paint - Blaine, MN

I’ll admit, when my husband told me he was buying our paint at Sherwin-Williams, I about went into sticker shock – they’re approximately $50 per gallon.  He assured me many people he knows have painted with their high end paints and have nothing but good things to say – especially that it covers in one coat (which of course, means you’re buying fewer gallons).  My shock factor was subdued when my hubby told me that he bought them all 30% off – whew!  The price is still a bit higher than what you may find at Menards and Home Depot, but the paint is definitely thicker and painted right over my dark blue wall with only two coats – something we would have surely been forced to do with any another paint – at least two coats and maybe even a separate primer.  The S-W colors were matched to some found at Home Depot.  They dry very even-toned across the walls without streaks and perhaps because it is thicker paint, there are no drips (or maybe because my hubby is stellar at cutting in).  We have a large wall in our split foyer home, so the concern is always streaks across it.  Don’t be fooled – unless you are a super duper painter (and perhaps less of a perfectionist than I am), you’ll never get away with just one coat – too many imperfections.  But I can honestly say that two coats can go over any color - mind you, we painted a light gray over a dark, teal blue.  While it remains to be seen if we got enough bang from our buck, so far I am pleased with the result – just please, oh, please, don’t buy it full price!  Join their club for the discounts!

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