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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crown Plaza Ravinia Hotel

I'm staying at Crown Royal Ravinia Hotel in Atlanta and am very disappointed with a number of small nusances that add up to a big irritation.  Here's what's happened:
  • Went to the bar/grill called "Mix".  No place to sit inside - so I go the lobby seating area.  Waitress comes out - I ask if I can order food.  She says yes but their computers are down and it makes the food come out slower.  What???  That doesn't even make sesne but ok.  She says she'll bring me a menu.
  • I wait about 10 minutes.  Note - in the Mix - while it's full - there are less than 20 people in there.  Where is the waitress with a menu??
  • While waiting for a menu, I grab another waitress and ask if the TV channel can be changed to the election coverage (it' election night!).  She tells me the remote control is at the bar (Mix) - and she walks away.
  • I go to the front desk...I'm getting irritated.  The front desk gal is polite and concerned - she hands me a remote, and says she'll get someone to bring a menu.
  • The TV remote doesn't work.  Channel won't change.  Front desk gal brings me a menu and I hand her back the remote.
  • Quite some time later the waitress comes and takes my order.
  • The hotel manager comes over to change the channel.  He's very friendly and polite, and I'm grateful I can now watch the election results.
  • My food comes about 30 minutes (at least) later.  It's good - thankfully.  But I'm nervous that someone spit in it.
  • I have to go find the waitress to get my check so I can leave.  She's chatting with 2 guys/patrons in the Mix.  As politely as I can I ask if I can get my check.  She says "sure" in a friendly way.  But stands there talking to these guys for another couple minutes.  I am starting to steam.
  • After I leave the Mix, I go to the hotel store for botteld water.  There's a sign on the door that says "Come In - We're Open".  But the door is locked.  Two other people walk up and say "Yeah - door's locked - the front desk think she's on break."  How hard would it be to have an "I'll be back in XX minutes" sign?
  • Back in my room.  Free wi-fi.  But slower than molasses.
I think that's all I need to say to help others decide whether it's worth staying here or not!

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