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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Twin Pines Resort - Lake MIlle Lacs, MN Ice Fishing

I rented an ice fishing house the weekend of 2/21/14 - 2/23/14 and had a good time.  I was very impressed with the service of the owner Linda, and also the guy who showed us to our house (whose name I didn't catch). They were both very personable and accommodating.

The house we rented was nothing special but had all the necessary amenities:  gas heater, gas stove top (this needed work - it wasn't very safe as it was slanted and pots could fall off), 10 holes, 6 bunks.  The bunks aren't anything special but suffice for sleeping (just don't make any fast flips on the top bunk - they're very narrow.)

At first we couldn't seem to get the house to warm up - but it was because the thermostat was sitting on top of the stove.  So it thought it was warm enough.  Once we realized that and moved it - we were toasty warm even though it was sub-zero outside.

Our grown kids and two grandsons came - at one time there were 8 of us in the fish house - comfortably.

This resort has a restaurant/bar right across the highway from the lake where the fish houses are conveniently located.  The food was excellent - home cooking at a great price. 

Something that we all felt was very impressive were the outhouses on the lake.  The one closest to us had two stalls, was heated very well, and was kept lit all night.  Also very clean.  The only downside is that they are co-ed - so females and males alike may be in for a surprise if they are unaware.

We caught ZERO fish.  Was it the cold?  Or were we in a bad spot?  Or not very skilled at fishing?  Probably some of all of the above.

No matter - I would recommend this to others, and hope I can go again myself!

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