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Sunday, March 27, 2011

3 Squares Restaurant - Maple Grove, MN; Grand Casino Hinckley; March 26 2011

3  Squares Restaurant - Maple Grove:  My husband and I had lunch here today.  It was around 1:00pm - the place was fairly busy.  However, when we arrived there were two parties waiting in the lobby, they told me it would be approximately a 15-minute wait - yet there were tables open.  It took approximately 10 minutes to be seated, and it took about 10 minutes before anyone came to our table - the bartender.  He was extremely pleasant which made up for the wait.  Our beverages arrived via the guy who I assume was our waiter - since he also took our order.  But it was the bartender who kept checking back with us after we got our meals - so that was a bit confusing.  We ordered the chicken pot pie - delicious (special of the day), and the salmon scramble - also delicious.  The hash browns were nice and crispy without being over-done. The English muffins there are huge.  All in all a great meal, and the service was great - once we got some.  Thumbs up.

Grand Casino Hinckley:  Friday night - it was busier than I've ever seen it.  All of the casino's hotels were sold out for both Friday and Saturday nights, but I couldn't determine why - there wasn't a big show or event taking place.  Can only guess that it was the "luggage" promotion.  This casino has one of the best non-smoking areas - more slot machine variety than some of the other casinos.  The slots seemed pretty loose for me that night, but not for my husband!  I really enjoy going to the casino ("no mind" entertainment) - but it's hard for me to give a thumbs up or down - nothing out of the ordinary.

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