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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Macy's Bridal Registry, Downtown Minneapolis, MN March 26 2011

Macy's Bridal Registry Minneapolis:  My daughter is getting married so we went to Macy's to create a bridal registry.  There seemed to be a little confusion about our appointment time - the person we were to meet with wasn't expecting us until 30 minutes later than what my daughter believed our appointment to be.  But the available staff was very accommodating and they got us started on the registry soon after we arrived.

The registry process is simple and because my daughter provided all of her wedding information over the phone, Macy's had a profile set up and ready for us to start registering.  We only needed some instructions on how to use the scanner and to be given a check list as a reminder of things to register for.  Away we went.

Everything is on one floor - makes it pretty efficient to register.  Some things don't scan correctly - but can be fixed later.  Available products is ample, but not what I'd call totally comprehensive.

Once we completed scanning items, we went back to finish up with the consultant.  She was very pleasant and friendly - fun to talk to.  She gave some quick instruction on how to access the registry and revise it from home.  She gave my daughter her gift for registering - a canvass tote with a bridal magazine and bride's guide.  Nice touch.  Thumbs up.

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