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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Atkins Endulge Chocolate Coconut Bar vs. ZonePerfect Protein Bars - Sam's Club, Fridley, MN

My husband and I frequent Sam's Club, seldom leaving with less than a $300 bill... but we stock up on all sorts of good items!  This last time we bought two saw horses that I've already used, a tank top I wore to work today (with compliments), kitchen staples, and an assortment of food and snacks!
I have some comments on the protein/energy bars that we purchase there.  This last trip my husband's eyes lit up when he saw the Atkin's Endulge Chocolate Coconut Bars - so we purchased a couple of boxes.  I was eager to bite into a Mounds-like morsel only to find disappointment - it tastes great up until the after taste.  There's only 1g of sugar and that's the problem - they must have filled in with an artificial sweetner that lingers on your tastebuds and won't subside without eating something else.  My hubby loves these bars, but he'll be eating the rest of the two boxes we purchased!
On the other hand, the Zone bars are my favorite!  Admittedly, I eat them as my breakfast in lieu of a more healthy start, but I figure it's better than nothing!  I'm a sucker for the Zone Perfect Protein Bars - especially the Double Dark Chocolate.  It comes in a duo pack with the Dark Chocolate Almond.  We also get the duo pack of Chocolate Caramel Cluster and Chocolate Peanut Butter - those are my hubby's favorites, but he can have them!  I'm in it for the Double Dark.  The ZonePerfect are also some of the more affordable protein bars you'll find...

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