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Monday, May 14, 2012

T-Box Bar and Grill - Ham Lake, MN

We stopped in at this restaurant tonight around 9:00pm.  We were hungry and looking for a meal.  But as it turns out, T-Box stops serving meals at 9:00pm!  We could order appetizers, and since it was getting so late we decided to stay.

This place is on the corner of 147th Avenue and Highway 65.  It's a very unexpected place - upscale and a bit trendy.  The ambiance is comfortable and a different mix of sophistication and rusticity.  There are wooden booths (the seats are bare wood - I'd recommend they add pads) and tables.  They have a great looking half-circle bar.

As for the food - we had the chicken skewers flavored with a balsamic reduction, basil, grape tomatoes and chunks of fresh mozzarella on skewers.  This was good - but not something that I'd go out of my way to have.

We also had the nachos - now those were really tasty for nachos.  They had cheddar-jack cheese (light amount), corn & black bean salsa with habanero aioli.  It was just on the fringe of being too spicy for me, but not even close to being too spicy for my husband.

The prices are on the high side.  We've eaten here before - usually having sandwiches/burgers.  But they do have full dinner selections, again priced higher than you'd expect to pay at a place in this area.

All - in - all I'd give this place a thumbs up for something different.

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