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Friday, May 11, 2012

El Rodeo - Maple Grove, MN

I went to this restaurant with 3 other girlfriends for the second time.  And this time we were all very disappointed in the service, and not impressed with the food.

We struggled to get attention from the waiter when we needed it.  We were never offered refills or additional drinks/food - instead we had to ask for it.  There were long lapses in-between visits from the waiter.

The staff, including our waiter, we all very friendly and pleasant.  But again, when you have to keep flagging the waiter down for service it casts a shadow over everything else.

As for the food - that was mediocre.  They have a cheese dip that is great, but everything else was just so-so.  I shared a combo appetizer plate with one friend - it had fajita beef, chicken and shrimp, along with chees quesadilla triangles.  A little strange - because there were no tortillas to fill with the meat, and that was not a mistake - it's how it's served.

All in all - based on this last visit, I wouldn't recommend them.  However, it wouldn't be fair for me not to mention that the previous time we visited this place it was great.  That was around 9 months ago or so.  We had no issues, so that's why we returned.  Unfortunate how one bad experience will deter us from going there in the future - but we have lots of choices and opportunities to be treated better.

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