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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Black Cheese Knife - Kitchen Window Minneapolis - April 28, 2012

I was just looking through my receipt drawer and came across one for this knife called "The Black Cheese Knife" that I purchased at the Kitchen Window - in uptown Minneapolis.  I went there to purchase some Magnetic Measuring Spoons (more on these later - search for separate review), and while the store clerk was helping me locate them, I saw some ceramic knives and asked him how they worked.  He told me that he had a favorite cheese knife - that he said glides through cheese and hard-boiled eggs like a dream.  Since my pet peeve is that cutting cheese is never easy - I decided to give it a try. And he was right - I've never used a knife like this before.  I recently sliced up some Havarti cheese - worked beautifully.  The description at this link says it was originally designed to slice Velveeta.  Check it out - I wholeheartedly recommend this.  Thumbs up!,2489.html

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