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Sunday, April 29, 2012

iPad For 60-year-old

I bought my 60-year old husband an iPad 2 for Christmas.  He scoffed, and still pretends that he doesn't like it.  However, he uses it daily for email and it only took him about a week to get comfortable with that ap.  No wonder - all he has to do is tap one icon - so how hard can it be?

I've set up bookmarks on his home page to some of his favorite sites, and he can easily print to our new HP Officejet Pro 8600 from the kitchen table.  He can surf the internet - and is constantly looking at classic car sites, Menards, Home Depot and other hardware-related sites. 

He is pretty skilled at looking at Craig's List, and K-bid too - which is all a little scary for me.  But I figure as long as he's not putting us in debt and he's learning how to be internet-savvy - I'm all for it.  At least for now!

Lastly - he's learned how to use the instant messaging feature - although he doesn't use it a lot.  But he sends messages to our son and grandsons - I think this is something I should encourage him to do more of.

If you have any techno-phobes in your life and you're wondering how best to get them to use email and the internet - I'd really recommend an iPad.  They are so simple to use, and if someone who knows what their doing sets up the apps - the user can start using it immediately.

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