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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Magnetic Stackng Measuring Spoons - Kitchen Window Minneapolis - April 27, 2012

I have been on a hunt for replacement measuring spoons for months, ever since one of my ancient Tupperware spoons cracked.  (By the way - I've had my Tupperware spoons for about 30 years - they've lasted that long!).  One day, I was at my daughter's house, and she showed me some measuring spoons she'd bought for her mother-in-law - they were stainless steel, stacked, and were magnetic to keep them together.  I really liked the magnetic, stacking feature - I was tired of always having to mess around with taking my spoons off the clip that kept them together, so that I could just use and clean 1 or 2 per time.   Since I saw those I've kept my eye out for some.  I came across a really nice, functional, plastic set at the Kitchen Window in uptown Minneapolis.  They have two different shape spoon-bowls for each measurement - so that you can get into different types of jar or box openings.  I'm surprised they are shown on their website ( - perhaps because they were really inexpensive at $8.99.  They aren't stainless, but they are very functional and with exactly the magnetic, stacking feature I was looking for.  Thumbs up!

By the way, while I was there looking for these measuring spoons - the store clerk showed me "The Black Cheese Knife".  This is a great product - see my review on it.  And if you are near Minneapolis and want to shop at a great kitchen store - check out The Kitchen Window - it's a fun place to browse and they carry a huge stock of kitchen merchandise.  Lots of store clerks floating around to help - all with really friendly, professional attitudes.

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