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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Say goodbye to chip clips - Say HELLO to Gripstic!!!

My mother has posted about one of our kitchen store favorites, The Kitchen Window... here's another something we've found there that I absolutely LOVE... they're Gripstics.  Thanks to these multi-sized geniuses, I will no longer use chip clips!  Now, don't be confused by those mediocre imposters... the clips that look much like a Gripstic but merely latch over a bag - you haven't tried the real deal until you've slid a Gripstic across an open bag to seal with absolutely no air entry or escape.  You can't even pull a bag through the Gripstic - it works that well!  These little treasures also take up less space in your drawers - unlike an awkward chip clip that jams your drawer when you attempt to open it, these long and slender beauties will fit well. 

They're reasonably priced for the food you will save from spoil and stale - a package of three for $5.99, if I remember right.  I've found packages of three sizes or packages with three of the same size.  I'm a fan of the long green ones - seems they cover any size bag is normally used.  I have only had one bag that was too long - and that was a very large bag of tortilla chips that we probably shouldn't have purchased in bulk! 

If you want to support a local business, check them out at The Kitchen Window!

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