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Sunday, April 29, 2012

J C Penney 8 Pack Washcloth set

It might seem odd to blog about a $5.00 item - but I was pleasantly surprised about this 8-piece set of washcloths.  I don't lik bulky or over-sized washcloths - I like something that has a little bit of roughness so you feel like you're actually scrubbing if you apply some pressure.  And I like them to be on the thinner side - so that it's easier to rinse out the soap and ring the water easily.

These inexpensive washcloths are exactly what I like.  My receipt only identifieds them as "8PK WASHCLOTH SET" - there isn't a model or brand name on them.  And I couldn't find them on their website - so they must only be available in retail stores.  I bought mine at the Maple Grove store in Minnesota.

Thumbs up!

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