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Saturday, April 28, 2012

HP Office Jet Pro 8600 All-In-One Wireless Printer - April 28, 2012

We purchased this printer about 1 month ago at Best Buy for about $146 (you can probably get it cheaper on-line).  I am very impressed with the operation of this printer.  When I initiallyl set it up, I was able to immediate print to it - wirelessly - from my local computer.  But when I went to set up the "cloud" printing - I needed to get techinical help from HP.  That took awhile - I first chatted on-line with a tech, who referred me to the "cloud" group.  The "cloud" guy told me their servers were down and that's why I couldn't connect.  He suggested that I call back tomorrow. He was exceptionally professional, and believable.  So I called back the next day.  This person said that there never was a problem with the servers - and then he proceeded to help me.  So while I was not impressed with this whole experience - to tell the truth - it was worth it in the end.  I can now print to their "e-service" print service (in the cloud), I can fax, scan and copy.  As far as the e-print service goes - I could be at work - and print to my e-print email address - and voila it will be waiting for me on my printer at home.  I had bought my husband an iPad for Christmas, and he now sits at the kitchen table surfing his woodworking, classic car and hardware sites - and merrily prints away upstairs.  Not really a good thing.  But it helps to make him comfortable with technology - and even though he grumbles that his "iPad is not worth it" - I know he really likes it and feels good about being able to operate the latest technology as a young senior citizen.  Back to the printer....I haven't printed any photos on it yet - when I do I'll let you know.  But I have used all the other features and it works great - I love it.  Thumbs up!

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