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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cub Fresh Cuts - Guacamole Ole - April 25, 2012

This stuff is really good.  After my disappointing meal of breaded tilapia (see earlier post), I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  I must have been so disatisfied and still hungry that my eye kept wandering to things other than what were on my list.  I spyed Cub Fresh Cuts Guacamole Ole - and thought it would be a good snack when I got home.  I'm digging into it now - and it's really so good that I wanted to tell people about it right away.  It comes in a sealed plastic bag inside a plastic container.  You open the bag and empty into the container for storing in the refrigerator.  It has chunks of avocado (which I love the fact that it's not pureed), purple onions, tomatoes and is a little peppery along with lime and cilantro. Cilantro is not my favorite flavor - but this is subtle enough that it doesn't detract.  The only downside is that the packaging doesn't have any list of ingredients nor nutrition and calorie count.  I know that avocado is fairly high in calories, but it IS good for you.  I highly recommend can find it in the fresh produce area - in the refrigerated area where the mushrooms and baby carrots are.  Thumbs up!

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