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Monday, April 30, 2012

Leeann Chin - House Chicken Entree, Blaine, MN

I stopped at Leeann Chin for lunch yesterday and got the Imperial Plate - that consists of 1/2 appetizer (I picked my favorite - Oyster Wings), 1/2 entree (House Chicken), and a half order of a rice or noodles (fried rice was my choice).  I like that Leeann Chin is always consistent - the Oyster Wings always and fried rice taste great and the same as every other location.  But I was disappointed in the House Chicken.  This is chicken with a breading, in a glaze of soy sauce, garlic and green onions.  It was way too salty, and the smaller pieces of chicken were simply too hard and consisted mostly of breading - hardly worth eating those.  The larger pieces of chicken were tasty when I could stop shuddering from the amount of sodium I was taking in.  I know that soy sauce is the base of the glaze - but maybe they can cut the soy sauce.

I'd always recommend Leeann Chin - but order something other than this House Chicken dish. 

And a positive shout out for the Blaine store (on 109th) - the guy who waited on me was very pleasant and efficient.

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